August 1, 2021
9 months and 17 days since
the event.
TORONTO 1976 Carefirst began as a meals-on-wheels service for vulnerable seniors and has since expanded its range of community supports to include primary care, home care, and transitional care among many other services. Our dedicated team of professionals serves over 16,000 clients each year across the Greater Toronto Area and York Region. Despite our efforts, huge service gaps remain as the aging population grows. It’s time for us to take a stand.
August 1, 2021 Get ready for the Carefirst "Active in August" Challenge (Charity Walk for Health) this summer! As the Olympics come to an end, it is a very bittersweet moment. However, instead of feeling down, come join us for this event so we can prolong the Olympic spirit by partaking in physical activity! 
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we cannot be together physically for the fun event, but we can still come together virtually to raise funds while staying active and healthy by participating in the 2021 Carefirst Active in August Challenge! 

Congratulation everyone in particular the following teams and individuals for their excellent performance in Carefirst “Active in August” Challenge:
Top Fundraiser – Individual
Champion – Peter Choi
First Runner – Stella Sum
Second Runner – Esther Yeung
Top Fundraiser – Team
Champion – Team Carefirst Board
First Runner – Team Sportovation
Second Runner – Team Wellness & CD
Team with Highest Number of Participants (with funds raised)
Champion – Team Sportovation
First Runner – Team Wellness & CD
Second Runner – Team Assisted Living
Participant with Average Exercise Time 
(with funds raised)
Champion – Christopher Lowe
First Runner – Rosalie Lau
Second Runner – Lucy Tsang
Young Participant (under 10 years old with funds raised)
Under 10 years old
Jayden Wan
Under 5 years old – Maxwell Ho
Wisest (oldest) Participant (with fund raised)  
Kam Lan Lau

Be a part of something that makes an impact and is beneficial

Share your support and stories with us on social media using the hashtag #CarefirstStayFit.

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Carefirst is a member of United Way Greater Toronto.
How much moderate physical activity does a person need?

30 minutes/week
50 minutes/week
75 minutes/week
150 minutes/week
Being physically active is fun.

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