June 15, 2019
8 months and 3 days since
the event.

Carefirst 2019 Charity Walk for Health


In 1976, Carefirst took the initial STEP to provide a meals-on-wheels service for seniors. We then took a STROLL and explored opportunities to deliver a full range of community support services to over 6,500 clients each year in the GTA and York Region. Still, there are huge service gaps as the population ages. It’s time for us to take the STRIDE. You can help.
Saturday, June 15th, 2019. Lace up for life, laughter and loved ones at the Carefirst Charity Walk for Health. Join us as we continue to take on the monumental task of ensuring a quality and enriched life for seniors living in the GTA. The walk is for anyone who wants to be a part of something big, something long lasting. YOUR walk will move us closer to our vision towards personal wellness and independence for your grandfather, your mother, your brother, and you.
STEP, STROLL and STRIDE with us.
How many steps should you walk to stay healthy and active?

5000 steps/day
7500 steps/day
10,000 steps/day
2500 steps/day
How many estimated pairs of feet will visit the new One-Stop Multi-Services Centre in its opening year?

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