About Carefirst



Carefirst Seniors & Community Services Association is a non-profit charitable community services agency established in 1976.
Our spectrum of services has grown from the delivery of meals-on-wheels service to a full range of community support services, covering the Greater Toronto Area and York Region.
We serve around 10,000 clients each years with the help of 500 staff members, a pool of 1,200 active volunteers and an annual operating budget of roughly $20 million. Carefirst clients include seniors and individuals living with physical disabilities—1,500 of whom are home-bound and frail.






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Our commitment to serve the community is based on the belief that "care" for our clients comes "first." Meeting their needs is our primary concern and focus. 
Our mission is to empower clients to live their best lives as they age, by providing integrated health and social care.
Our vision is that Carefirst will be renowned for forward-thinking, integrated, community-based care

Our clients include: 

To promote and expand our services including long-term care, medical care, home care, transportation, Chronic Disease Management and Wellness Programs, etc.

To support their integration into Canadian society by facilitating social, recreational, information and referral services.

To provide linguistically relevant social and primary health services.

To provide them with learning and volunteering opportunities.